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Statement of Intent

At the beginning of each year, the Guardians publish a Statement of Intent which sets out the objectives and financial forecasts for the year. The Guardians performance against the Statement of Intent is reviewed each year in the Annual Report. The Statement of Intent, which is required under Part V of the Public Finance Act 1989, includes:

(a) A statement of the Guardians' expectations about the performance of the Fund over the next financial year;

(b) A statement of the key risks to the performance of the Fund over the coming year and the actions being taken by the Guardians to manage those risks;

(c) The key priorities for the year ahead; and

(d) Forecast financial statements of the Fund for the next financial year, including a statement of accounting policies.


2013-2018 Statement of Intent

2012-2017 Statement of Intent

2004-2007 Statement of Intent

2003-2006 Statement of Intent